Facebook Hacker | How to Hack a Facebook Account and save yourself

How to Hack a Facebook Account is one of the most searched term and the hot topic on the internet which has been covered by thousands of people.

But do you know there is not any Facebook Hacker? Yes, you read it right and I typed it right according to my knowledge (I have years of experience is hacking) If you will search on Google How to Hack a Facebook Account then you can find a list of hundreds of methods which are available for Hacking Facebook Account.

As per my knowledge most of the methods to Hack Facebook account are either outdated (means using these methods you can never learn How to Hack Someone's Facebook).

I am very popular as a White Hat Hacker that is why a lot of people asks me many questions like;

  • How to Hack a Facebook Account
  • Is it possible to Hack Facebook Account
  • Do you know about any Facebook Hacker tool etc?

and much more question like above.

So, I decided why not to create a mega post on How to Hack a Facebook Account and Facebook Hacker. Where I can make it clear for my fans that there is not such tool available either on the Internet nor to any individual to Hack Facebook Account.

Here in this blog post, I will describe all about Facebook Account Hacking, you can see the table of contents for a quick review of this post.

How to Hack a Facebook Account Online

Well, if you search the same term on Google "Facebook Account Hacker" or "Hack Facebook Account Online" then you will find a bunch of sites which claim they provide the Facebook hacking service for free.

But according to my knowledge, it is not possible because if it was possible everyone out there had started hacking other's Facebook accounts using these creepy Facebook Hackers. And the Facebook had died years ago.

So, the conclusion is that there is not such tool available which you can use to Hack Someone's Facebook Account but there are certain techniques which make it possible.

These techniques include some advanced as well as beginner techniques to Hack Facebook and here I will reveal almost all those techniques which can be used to Hack a Facebook account. And I will also tell you about a Facebook hacker which you will love.

Not only the techniques, I will also mention how can you follow these techniques and how can you also protect yourself from hackers. So, stay tuned;

Before you start I want to make it clear that this article on how to Hack Facebook account is purely for knowledge purpose and my aim is to make you familiar with Facebook Hacking methods so that you can prevent yourself from these attacks. Please don't use this guide for harming someone.

To 15 Methods to Hack Someones FB Account Online for 2017 and how to save yourself

Here I will describe the top 15 methods which can be used to Hack a Facebook Account. Some of these methods to are online and some are not.

Z Shadow Facebook Hacker

If you are looking for hacking Facebook account online or you want Facebook Hacker then Z Shadow is the best method to Hack Facebook Account Online.

What is Z Shadow?

Z Shadow is the best Facebook Hacker. As I said above that if you search on Google How to Hack Facebook using online then you can find a list of sites which ways that they can are the best Facebook Hacker but no one works but here is the point Z Shadow Hacker works.

How Does Z Shadow Hacker Works?

The working of Z Shadow is very straightforward and easy to understand.

You just need to register at Z Shadow Facebook Hacker website and then they will provide you a list of different kind of links which you can copy and then send to your victims. These links are also sendable through Facebook, and when your victims click on these links, a login page appears when the users enter his/her email and password that is saved on your account on the website of Z Shadow Facebook Hacker.

You just need to login to your Z Shadow Facebook Hacker account, and then you can see the password and email of your victim.

How to Protect yourself from Z Shadow Facebook Hacker?

If you are not a tech geek or you don't use any technology sites or you are not aware of the Z Shadow hacker then it is very hard for you to prevent from the Z Shadow Facebook hacker's attacks.

Because they provide such pages which are very similar to the Facebook login pages and when any unknown users open these pages they though it is default page of Facebook that is why they don't think before typing their email and password.

One more important thing about this Hacker is that the URL of the pages which Z Shadow Facebook hacker provides is very similar to that of the Facebook URL that is why people often get Allurement and get their Facebook Account Hacked.

How to Hack a Facebook Account using Z Shadow Hacker

Hacking Someone's Facebook Account Using Hacker is like a breeze, it is too much simple and easy because you totally don't need to tweak with coding and other things of this kind. Read below steps to know How to Hack Facebook Account Using Z Shadow Hacker;

  • Go to Z Shadow and there click on Sign Up button and complete the signup form.
  • After completing you will be provided a list of Facebook fake URL just copy and send one to your friend and make him/her to log in using your URL.
  • Once your friend login using your URL you will be able to see his Email and Password in Victims tab.
  • Congratulations you have successfully learned how to Hack Facebook Account.
  • If you didn't catch me then you can read How to Hack Facebook and Gmail using Z Shadow

Phishing Method to Hack Facebook

Phishing is the most common and most used technique to for Hacking Facebook. But unfortunately now if you try to do Phishing you cannot be successful because it was used by a lot of people for Hacking Facebook and now it is dead.

Facebook Hacker How to Hack a Facebook Account

But if you want to use Phishing method for Hacking Facebook then you have to be very wise and sharp and you also need to know a little knowledge of Phishing method. So, I will explain about phishing method.

What is Phishing?

In phishing technique we create a fake login page for the service which we want to hack, these pages look similar to the original website. But in our scenario, we will create the fake page for the Facebook and that page will look similar to that of the Facebook's login page. You can read more about Phishing at Wikipedia.

The only difference between that page and that of Facebook's login page is that our page is accessible from any unknown URL like myfakeurl.com which is an unauthorized URL. But when any user will land on such URL and will see our fake Facebook login page and will enter his details.

How Does Phishing Method Works

Hacking Someone's Facebook Account using Phishing is very simple and here I will describe How to Hack Someone's Facebook using Phishing page.

In Phishing, we create a fake page that is similar to Facebook's login page and then we invite our victim to log in using our fake Facebook login page (it is up to you how you make your victim log in using your fake page).

When our victim logins using that fake Facebook page he/she is redirected to a new page. And we got their login details like username and password etc. Which is basically saved in our web hosting company.

How to Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks

Protecting yourself from phishing attacks is very important because there is a lot of information about us on our social sites like Facebook and if someone hacks our Facebook account then he/she can create a storm for us.

In order, to protect yourself from Phishing attacks read below guidelines;

Make sure you never login through any unauthorized URLs like apps.facebook.com or any other URL like facebookloginpage.com these pages are specially built for hacking Facebook accounts using Phishing methods.

How to Hack a Facebook Account using Phishing

If you want to Hack Facebook account using Phishing then, you don't need much knowledge. Phishing method to Hack a Facebook Account is very simple and easy.